Gone Astray Feedback



This song was written, recorded, and produced in the span of about 3 and a half hours, which may not seem like a very long time, but considering most of my projects I’ve been working on for over a year are nowhere near done, it’s kind of a big accomplishment for me. I wanted to write something that’s out of my comfort zone just to experiment with what I’m able to do. The lyrics are actually written about falling in love with an anime girl, believe it or not, but they can also be interpreted as falling in love with someone who lives far away that you know you can never be with due to the distance.


Do all the transitions flow smoothly?

Are the melodies at least somewhat catchy?

Peer Feedback

“The vocals and the guitar really complimented each other. Very good harmonization with the vocals.” – Michael

(Paraphrased) “The melodies aren’t necessarily catchy, but they don’t need to be.” – Tristan

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